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Caravan Parks NSW Articles

Residents insist on hazard reduction

BROOMS HEAD, the tiny township on the NSW Far North Coast, was saved from bushfire devastation only by a last-minute change in wind direction, residents said yesterday in the bitter aftermath of last week's firestorm.

Ex-Tiger finds his own punt road just as difficult as Richmond's

WHEN former leading AFL administrator Greg Miller controversially departed from the Richmond Football Club 18 months ago, he decided to take a break from the sport he'd been a part of for three decades.

Families on street as housing dries up

FAMILIES with children are the fastest growing group among Australia's 100,000 homeless as the rising cost of living and critical shortage of affordable accommodation force people on to the street.

Homelessness rises in regional areas

CHARITY services in regional cities and towns have experienced a threefold increase in demand for help from homeless people in the past two years, the author of a report says.

Caravan Parks - The New Suburbs Created By Rental Crisis

CARAVAN parks, once places of last resort for people in desperate straits - having suffered personal calamity and hoping to put themselves together for another tilt at getting a proper home - have been virtually closed off to people on the bottom tier of the community.